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Ask a Podcast Editor
Answers from the Keyboard Monkey
Skip the random answers from a Facebook group and get answers to your podcast production questions from an actual podcast editor.

I'll draw from my experience editing hundreds of podcast episodes to answer your questions. If you need any assistance in optimizing your production process, finding resources or tools, or resolving recording issues, I can offer guidance based on my own experience.

Join me for short episodes (we're talking 15 minutes or less, most of the time) as often as I have questions to answer.

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Bryan Entzminger

Bryan Entzminger is the owner of Top Tier Audio, a podcast production company. He's the host of Hiring a Podcast Editor and cohost of the Podcast Gauntlet and the Podcast Editors Mastermind. He's also the founder of the Hindy Users (Unofficial) group for Hindenburg users on Facebook. He loves sharing the lessons he’s learned from his struggles and others he's met along the way so that you can have a podcast that you’re proud of without letting podcast production take over your life.